Regitze Ladekarl has re-emerged as a raconteur after a long, successful career in finance. She crafts universal tales from everyday lives with an honest, sharp and witty pen. Besides working on a forthcoming novel, she flexes her voice with personal essays, flash fiction, and method writing on


Regitze Ladekarl has always been a storyteller. As a young radio DJ, she created tributes in words and music to her friends as well as punk poetry and uncompromising prose forged from her own experiences.


Her path then led a master’s degree in economics and decades in the world of finance; designing, creating and teaching, as well as marriage, migration, kids, dogs, and life.


Now she is raising her own voice again to tell everyday stories about what holds us together and sets us apart. She pinpoints the pivotal moments that define us and distills meaning and truth from the often random events that shape our lives.


Regitze balances the solitary confinement of novel writing with blogging on, public readings and connecting with life stories as they unfold. She still writes tributes and odes by request and has perfected the art of personalized gifts in poetry.


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